For web developers there is no fear of being bored of sitting in front of the computer for longer hours, we thought. But sometimes it can be hard for everyone. That’s why here are remote learning tips for you to stay on the right track of being productive and want to remind you that learning is not something that you must do, but want to do.

1 Working space as stimulation

Your working space is crucial to be clean and free of clutter. Wake up in the morning, or night if it works for you 🦉, and go to your working space. This has to be different than the place you sleep or watch TV. Remember, just because nobody sees you that doesn’t mean that you should stay in your pajamas. If it helps you, #SuitUp and head to work.

2 Getting offline can be easy

Using social media, scrolling, during learning never helped. Try to avoid using your phone for online class, it is such an easy device to get distracted with when you’re trying to pay attention.  You can use StayFocused, a Chrome extension that allows you to block access to any websites that you have trouble ignoring.

For someone who needs background noise or music for better learning, here is help on  https://mynoise.net/. My personal favourite is to use my Sennheiser Active Noise Cancellation headphones, even when I’m at home. 

3 Alarm on schedule 

Have a daily schedule and try to follow it while setting realistic goals. It is easier to start with a small group of tasks and prove yourself that you can do it. After a while you can add more tasks to your list. Try with ‘’small bites’’ on your daily learning menu. Do not force productivity. No use of forcing it. If you are a more visual person, try Trello or Airtable  to create a todo list. In our team we use Trello and we love 🧡 it.

4 Ask for help. We all do it

Don’t hesitate to ask others to support you. Learning from a distance can create confusion, so keeping up with tasks and homework can be  challenging. Always ask help from your instructor and explanations for terms or assignments you don’t understand. Ask your tutor to use Loom. With this app, you can record screen, voice, face and create an instantly shareable video. It is perfect help if you missed some parts durring online class because later you can look video again. Also, I recommend Slack for you and your classmates to connect, share interests, and support each other.

5 It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Stay focused on one thing at a time. You’ll absorb more information and complete assignments with greater productivity and ease than if you were trying to do many things at once.  Pressure is not necessary  and it doesn not bring any kind of benefits.

Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 To Someone Else’s Chapter 20!

6 Breath in…and don’t forget to breathe out

Don’t forget to listen to your body if you are overwhelmed. Take time for yourself and don’t forget to do stuff which entertain you.

It is important to start your day with some work-out or stretching routine because constant sitting and working is not bringing benefits to you. Hydrate yourself and do some breathing exercises. Oxygen flow helps you to have better concentration. Application Headspace, has made a significant change in my focus so maybe you should give it a try also.