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Welcome to Social Hackers Academy.
We are an impact-driven non-profit organisation and we want to keep on making tech education accessible to everyone.

Do you want to join our team?

Current Vacancies

Senior Project & Fundraising Manager (EU grants)

We are looking for a senior project & fundraising manager interested in supporting vulnerable people in accessing the job market through quality tech education. The candidate will join our organisation, be a member of our leadership team, and report to the General Manager.

What do we offer?

Learn from an entrepreneurial environment!

We are growing and learning from our experience every day!

Diverse Team

We are proud of the inclusion and diversity of our team. Our team members come from over 8 countries!

Personal Growth

The day you join our team we create a Learning & Development plan to answer your goals.

Flexible Working Hours

Don’t feel like starting early on Monday? That’s ok. Do you have to pick up your kid and arrange some paperwork? That’s cool too.

Unlimited Paid Vacations

You didn’t misread it. We are performance driven and as long you achieve your OKRs, you can take the time off you want.

Remote Work

Our office is based in Athens, but you are welcome to join us remotely if you want!

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