It started as an idea. To combine software programming and social impact. To connect the digital industry with social vulnerable groups and erase inequalities in our community, To improve refugees’ lives through technology. We saw the potential on the society and the need to offer sustainable solutions to these people but you have some doubts if everything you have dreamed, will be achieved!

“The difference between feeding someone and teaching him how to cook, describes our essence!”

And who could tell from the beginning that we would make it up to this point, having achieved our goals and striving for more. Engaging more beneficiary groups, approaching new partners, and delivering events and seminars together. It has been an amazing journey and we had the honor to celebrate our achievements with friends, supporters, and valuable partners. The energy in that room was astonishing!

Through our 1 year of operations, several social media approached us to write about our mission and activities, while we were featured in a TEDx event, where we had the chance to talk about the importance of cooperation in order to achieve something more. We run a workshop solely for women, where participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the computer and acquired basic skills on how to use it. In an era, when everything is getting done and processed through computers, our goal to erase digital illiteracy is more timely than ever. 

In the future, we will expand to women aged 50+, and we will teach them how to use computers in their everyday life. We completed 3 coding classes and we have just opened our new applications for class Delta!

Ιn VoxxedDaysAthens
What we enjoyed most was the networking and the passion of invited NGOs to interact with potential partners and extend the impact, we all offer in the Greek Society. Being resourceful is important for Social Hackers Academy! Discussing with people from totally different backgrounds and interests, upon social issues and ways to solve them, keeps us energized to work harder and accomplish our mission, especially when you are the only that offer education services and employability for your refugees and long-term unemployed EU Nationals!

”Building a community to support and get supported should be a priority for every company/organization!”

We would really like to thank our supporters for believing in our mission and supporting us all the way! If you want to support Social Hackers and be part of our community, go ahead and don’t hesitate! Donate!!

From Class Beta Graduation! Our students are now working as Developers!