We interviewed our Education Manager, Slim Kasraoui, to learn about his daily habits and educational background.

Every organization needs to be deeply connected with efficient communication within itself. Many departments in one organization collaborate for common goals and share experiences about current projects, tasks, or news. The crucial part of a successful company is a better understanding between the employers, also sometimes getting down on a personal level, knowing each other better, listening to their “Why’’ and constantly practising humanity. Here in Social Hackers Academy, we are developing our understanding to higher levels.
Today our Marketing team is knocking on the door of the Education Team and their Manager to create something beautiful. 

Let’s learn about SHA’s Head of Education better.

Hello Slim, you are always in a great and motivating mood. Let’s start with that, what is the source for being in such a state?

Slim: Coffee and always keeping my goals in mind

Tell us more about yourself. Where do you come from? How was your educational journey through the years?

Slim: I’m from Tunisia. My educational journey was a bit long, and I was always changing fields. In university started by studying biology & geology, then changed to bio-medical technologies, then changed again to physiotherapy and graduated. And at the end, I went through a coding bootcamp.

How do you feel being a programming instructor?

Slim: Being a programming instructor isn’t easy, but the gratification is amazing, especially when you start seeing results.

How do you manage your work-life balance? Do you have some hobbies or activities that you practice along the way?

Slim: I’m not very good at keeping a good work-life balance. As a result of that, you can find me working for 15+ hours sometimes and sometimes just procrastinating.

Can you tell us what kind of music you listen to while working, or are you a fan of absolute focus?

Slim: I’m a big fan of complete focus. I can’t work/study with music.

As humans, we have our own values. Which is yours? 

Slim: Empathy, helpfulness and kindness.

Are you a person who always needs to have a specific goal?

Slim: I guess yes, otherwise I might lose my focus.

What is a success for you?

Slim: For me, success is reaching your goals, either personal or professional.

If you only had 3 words for motivation to give to the people who want to start your journey or to change a career, which would they be?

Slim: Never give up!

What’s your favourite quote you tell your students?

Slim: “You can never understand everything. But you should push yourself to understand the system.”

What will you say to a potential student to follow our journey with our course and become a web developer?

Slim: It’s never too late to change your career into web development. In either case, If you keep your goals in mind, you will succeed through the challenges and the hustle.

Coming from different backgrounds in education and achieving diverse knowledge SHAs Head of Education gained experience in transferring knowledge to many SHA cohorts students, helping them understand how to learn, work and be curious about the Programming world. Another key point is his commitment as his North Star, always ready to develop the education process and the students’ experience. Mutual motivation is a huge part of SHA culture, and of that, We believe that people need to have equal access to education and the labor market and a future proof-Career.