Start Coding with Social Hackers Academy

In our previous post, we have mentioned why its important to learn coding
for all of us, even for the ones that are not engineers or coders. So, take your time to
read our post so you can have a summary in your mind.

But why should you start coding with Social Hackers Academy?

Since 2017, our mission is to support vulnerable groups, including refugees,
migrants, and the unemployed, in getting access to quality tech education that leads
to employment and a future-proof career.
We have dedicated team members and volunteers who want to help create a world
where solidarity prevails and everyone enjoys equal opportunities.
In light of this purpose, we have created an online platform offering courses to our
students ranging from Machine Learning & Data Science to Computer Science Fundamentals.

Being part of the Social Hackers Academy?

Also, we are sensitive about utilizing our limited resources for the people who are more in
need. That’s why we have an Eligibility Form. If you belong to one of the vulnerable
groups ( refugees, migrants, and the unemployed ) that are listed in our Eligibility Form you may qualify for a scholarship and access lessons without any payments. so don’t miss it!

At Social Hackers Academy, we stand in solidarity with people who need an equal
distribution of education. We also believe the power within the tech community will bring a
higher level of cooperation.
You may be the person that is wanted in SHA and we are super excited to welcome
you on board. Do not forget to fill the Eligibility Form and we will get back to you as
soon as possible!

So check it below:


But… what if you are not eligible for one of our current scholarships? In that case,
please, send us an email to admissions@socialhackersacademy.org
And we will review your case and get back to you with the most suitable option as our
mission is to democratize access to tech education and the tech labor market!

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