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Meet our Employability Team, vol. 2

Meet our Team

One of the great things about working for a company is the team you build with your colleagues.

Having that support system makes work more enjoyable and can make difficult challenges more manageable. This week, we asked our lovely Employability Manager: Hanan Majali, in summary, about her favourite company and team memories. From her general motivation source for the projects and her work-life balance management to her work and life values. Check out some of our favourite stories below.

1. Hello, Hanan! You are always in a great and motivating mood. Let’s start with that, what is the source for being in such a state?

-Hanan: Start my day with a cup of tea/milk and keep myself aligned with the satisfaction level regarding my duties and expectations. 

2. Tell us more about yourself. Where do you come from? How was your educational journey in general?

-Hanan: Lol! I am from Jordan, from an engineering background – I finished my Bachelor’s degree as a Telecommunication Engineer – 1st of my class in 2009-2014. After all specialized in the Networking field – where I studied CCNA, GSM, and 5G courses and landed as a technical instructor – hardware (2015-2017).

In 2017, I joined a Software Engineer Bootcamp/Immersive program based in Jordan; I studied and practised the newest modern technologies for 5 months – 12 hours per day. 

In 2019, I started studying PMP and learned more about project management.

3. How do you feel being an Employability manager?

-Hanan: I was a pure technical instructor for 3 years in my work life; for the first 2 years, I was a hardware technical instructor – CCNA (servers, switches, routers, LAN, etc.), then 1 year as Software technical instructor. 

Well! My experience was great because it led me to project management from a wide door. It was a great experience to understand how we teach technical stuff. It is a different experience than practising technical tasks and projects. 

I started this journey as a student at this point who studied and practised extensively in the 1st stage. I was super motivated to spend more and more time to get things done and get my hands dirty with all the tiny specs and details; as a result, all that led me to a better understanding of leading coding schools’ projects/classes from admission pipeline to employability and got students hired in the software industry.

4. How do you manage your work-life balance? To point out, do you have some hobbies or activities that you practice along the way?

-Hanan:  I manage it with proper planning, knowing and being fully aware of my daily tasks load – self work-flow weekly schedule. After all, I am a morning person who likes to stick to specific work-hours boundaries. I do have hobbies like dancing and singing, interests: sports/swimming, and cooking. In my unplugged time, I choose to do one of those hobbies. 

For my interests, I have a schedule for those activities within my weekly timeline.

5. Can you tell us what kind of music you listen to while working, or are you a fan of absolute focus?

-Hanan: Sometimes you need full focus time without any kind of distraction. But while doing some other tasks, I can go with relaxation music, meditation music, and Faroese songs. (Something calm can maintain your repetitive load focus with a smooth flow).  


6. As humans, even if we have our own values. Which is yours? 

-Hanan: Independent, passionate, honest and integrity, direct determination. 

7. Are you a person who always needs to have a specific goal in the long run?

-Hanan: Sure! Goals keep me aligned with what I must do as the next steps here or there in terms of achieving those goals. And the most important, not just to have goals, is to know the right paths and sub-goals track that you must follow. (From my point of view)

8. So far, what is a success for you?

-Hanan: Success for me is achieving my standard level of satisfaction.

9. If you only had 3 words for motivation to give to the people who want to start your journey or to change a career, which would they be?

-Hanan: Finally, Trust the process; never quit, or give up.

10. Until now, what’s your favourite quote you tell your students?

-Hanan: “The best way to predict your future is to create it” “Trust the shifting process”. “Our reality is the output of our thoughts”.

11. What would you say to a potential student this time to follow our journey with our course and become a web developer?

-Hanan: Did you follow the crowd out of college into your current profession? Did you let others influence your degree choice? Above all, now is a great time to explore the ideas you are interested in by building a passion-based career and becoming a software engineer.

The employability team is made up of a variety of individuals who have different backgrounds and skill sets.

The team’s goal is to help students find their dream job and equip them with the tools they need to be successful in their careers. -The employability team offers various services, including: resume building, mock interviews, networking events, and more. – With this in mind, Students can access the employability team through their student portal or by visiting the employability office on campus.

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