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“Thinking outside the box is one of the greatest assets someone demonstrates”

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One more letter from our students’ applications:

Dear Sir/Madam

I only recently discovered your site and the opportunities you so kindly offer a few days ago; I must admit it was, by far, the most exciting thing I’ve heard of so far and definitely a chance I would not want to miss for anything. I had been trying to find a way to become a developer but lacking the necessary resources, I had almost given up hope of achieving this goal any time soon. But it seems that this new year, I may be able to make my dreams true and all this thanks to thoughtful initiative!

I am female, Greek, I just turned 37 years old and desperately need a career path in my life that will help me become the best version of myself in every aspect; I wasted my years doing things I never really cared for, ending up being unhappy and leading an unfulfilled life. After experiencing a shock that involved a family member at the age of 17, I completely gave up on myself and any will whatsoever to succeed and reach my full potential as a person. I worked as a secretary, a salesperson, a barista and a promoter but none of these professions were what I needed to do in order to take full advantage of my inherent skills, as well as my endless creativity; I always felt like a wild animal inside a cage. My thirst for creation was never quenched and that fact alone, regardless of the financial aspect, made me dissatisfied and unmotivated. I am fluent in Greek, English and have basic knowledge in French, I love interacting with people and do it with ease, I love computers and technology and can learn new things at a fast pace, absorbing information like a sponge as long as the subject interests me and have great problem-solving skills; thinking outside the box is one of my greatest assets.

About five years ago, I went to live in London and met some incredibly creative people from around the globe, who were living their lives to the fullest, only because they were doing what they loved the most in life; that was a real eye-opener for me, more like a slap in the face…I realized that everything stems from that. Doing what you love. So after coming back home and giving much, much thought to determining what is that path I could take, even at this ripe age, which could bring me the happiness, fulfillment, and joy I need so much, I decided after careful research that becoming a web developer is definitely what I am meant to do.

I find this profession immensely exciting and rewarding to me in ways others cannot. Creating something valuable for another person-and myself-, being able to set my own hours as a freelancer, essentially becoming my own boss, and frequently updating my skills to learn and improve are things I crave for! However, my goal is to not limit myself, take my acquired skills even further, eventually become a digital application developer, and be able to create cross-platform applications. Furthermore, I have a very specific idea in mind, a vision of something I must create myself; a type of application which will benefit people in a non-superficial, very profound manner; nobody has come up with this idea yet and I am more than looking forward to making this a reality as soon as I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge!

I dream about the day when I will be completely self-sufficient and happy. When my imagination and creativity will no longer be stifled in a job I don’t enjoy in the slightest and when I will be proud of what I do and who I am; I spent so much time in a sort of limbo, without purpose and direction, that now that I KNOW what will bring me to balance in life, I feel the intense drive, the will to learn and finally evolve, more than any other time in my life before!

I have no safety net to speak of, my family had never been around a lot to help me find purpose, and it took me so long to care for myself and wholeheartedly want to reach my full potential. I am one of those people who will seize the opportunity with both hands, dedicate myself to my goal and make those who believed in me proud.

I NEED this opportunity. Everything else in my life is of secondary importance. Not sure what else to include in this e-mail, hopefully I have succeeded in conveying my thoughts accurately and have managed to express my intense need for a chance in turning my life around and becoming someone others look up to and follow as an example to emulate, not avoid. I’ve had my fair share of that so far. Please grant me the chance to evolve.

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy e-mail, have a lovely year filled with abundance and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

A student

Originally published at on April 23, 2018.

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