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”The idea of becoming a web developer excites me”

Another application letter from a potential software engineering courses:

“With this letter, I would like to express my interest in becoming a student in Social Hackers Academy.

My name is P., I am 35 years old and I come from the capital of Greece, Athens. I am a graduate of the Department of Economics and I have worked as an accountant and as an economist. But since I remain unemployed for the last fourteen months, I decided to switch career and get involved in programming, knowing that skilled programmers are in high demand. Besides, having the ability to build a website is something that I always wanted.

In the last five months, I am attending online courses. During these courses I realized that programming is a field in which I am very interested in. From the beginning, I had no problem understanding the philosophy of the programming languages I was learning. This gave me boost to continue, while made my interest increase at the same time. I find learning to code very amusing and the idea of becoming a web developer excites me.

Programming makes me feel creative and gives me the possibility to use my imagination.

Furthermore, the act of analyzing and solving problems that have come out or detect possible mistakes that have been made is something I like to do. I can see that in programming someone needs to have patience, have sharpness, big concentration, and attention to detail, skills that I think I have. I believe that programming is a job that fits with my idiosyncrasy.

I started my online programming lessons with learning HTML and continued with CSS. Afterward, I learned the Command Line and Git and lastly Javascript, having a plan to continue with learning ReactJS, from which I have already taken an idea, as I attended some lessons. Thus, I strongly believe that your courses will be very beneficial to me, in combination with what I have already learned, as they will help me fill any gaps, improve my skills and give me more perspectives in the field of programming.

Attending your lessons will give me the chance to obtain the skills I need, in order to become capable of making more complex tasks. Your academy can help me acquire the qualifications that I will need in my future steps and make it easier to find a job as a programmer and become successful.”

Do you want to become a developer or do you know anyone that would be interested in becoming our student! Go ahead and spread the mission.
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Originally published at on May 21, 2018.

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