Do you know how our students united refugees during COVID-19?

Murtaza and Amir are SHA students and they have won the first prize of the ‘Laureate of the Future Programme’ granting them for their social action idea for people in refugees camps.

Meet the two young talents behind this great news! Murtaza and Amir are two of our talented students who decided to use their tech skills to offer a social change after COVID-19 hit the world. They wanted to support refugees within their camps. In other words, they became the solution itself for people thanks to technology and their skills!

Murtaza Jafari

student smiling

Murtaza is a young refugee from Afghanistan currently living in a refugee camp in Greece.  He has been learning how to code with Social Hackers Academy. At the moment, h is making a refugee social networking site to promote communication.

“Social Hackers Academy taught me how to code, but not only coding. They also taught me how to look at life differently and pursue a bigger goal. My goal in the future is to help young people, and this organization motivates me so that I can build a web application using the skills I learned from Social Hackers Academy,” he says.

Murtaza adds that he wants “to give youth the motivation that they can use their skills.” 

“We can make this world a better place to live,” he adds.

Amirhossein M

young student

Amirhossein M, a 15-year old refugee from Afghanistan, created a website designed to spread COVID-19 awareness among refugees within his camp. His persistence and advocacy for refugees and global wellness is a clear example that youth, no matter their circumstance, can truly accomplish anything they have set in their minds.

Using his coding background from our coding school at Social Hackers Academy, Amir began working alone to collect information and share his work on various social media groups.

“I hope that I will be able to make the project bigger and be able to help more people! Thanks to Social Hackers Academy, without SHA nothing would be possible!,” he says.

In the future, Amir hopes to do more work for refugees. Above all he is confident that he will have more ideas on how to use computer science to advocate for the people around him after he becomes professional. Hence he is actively working for peace for everyone and raising refugee voices. Similarly, he says he imagines a world “without discrimination, violence, and war”.

We are very proud to have such students like them! They are not only good learners but also have a good heart and a great passion to help others!

“Peace means seeing people as equal, no matter who they are or where they come from.” 

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