Women Connecting Europe

The main objective of the project is to provide lifelong learning an avenue of versatility & practicality in facilitating socio-economic inclusion of migrant women into local & global community. It will raise awareness of & challenge socio-economic exclusion & inequality experienced by migrant women to create opportunities to address intersecting issues of poverty, racism & isolation, foster empowerment & agency through digital skills training & help facilitate access to education & employment.

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Project Summary


Facilitate the socio-professional inclusion of migrant women by empowering them through online digital learning and personal and professional/Women Connecting Europe development


01/10/2022 – 01/01/2024
(15 Months)




€30.000 (Lump sum)

The project will focus on:

  • Coordinating each activities between partners and looking for the target group (migrant women between the ages of 18 and 40),
  • Developing courses:
    – WordPress (SHA)
    – Soft skills training (CMC)
    (These two courses will be delivered for the target group in parallel.)
  • Engaging the community and the target group it will be the awareness campaign where there will be three events.
    – Raising awareness on women in the ICT sector that will gather different stakeholders, such as HR members of different tech companies,
    – For the engagement of different stakeholders and to spark intercultural dialogue.
    – The final event will be in Ireland, the Career’s Day.
  • Throughout  the duration of the project it will be provided with any information about it (there will be a creation of a toolkit where curriculum, course methodology, workflows, activities, outcomes, insights & challenges will be documented).