MigraCode Sweden

The project was inspired by the first Migracode, Migracode Spain (2018-3-ES02-KA205-012299), where the main goal was to match two main needs and contexts:

  • the demand for digital skills in the EU labour market and
  • the need for the vulnerable to have equal access to opportunities in education and employment.

Hence, the idea is to replicate its scope in the local communities, by starting a new Coding School. In this project, these NGOs are the Föreningen Framtidståget & Ticket2Europe. The expansion of digital upskilling and employability skills schools network will enable the implementation of good-case practices that will be generated through the Project’s activities. 

We have designed 3 short-term training events that will cover different but important aspects of social integration and IT Industry: Vocational Training, Skills Certification, Employability & Hiring Processes Standardization, Increase of Graduation Rate and The role of Youth Work in these aspects above).

Project Summary


MIGRACODE – Enabling refugees/migrants’ inclusion, through non-formal digital competencies & employability skills’ nurturing.


31/05/2021 – 30/05/2023
(24 months)



Specific objectives

  • To better understand the needs of refugees and align IT innovative educational programs upon them, in order to develop their skills and indeed help them;

  • To standardize and automate the graduation rate and recruitment process of students, creating a strategy to bring companies closer to students;

  • To enhance the employability of students by aligning the digital skills curricula taught, with EU IT Certifications Standards (ex. ECDL);

  • To implement non-formal education practices, when teaching them hard & soft skills;

  • To strengthen the community and network of the organizations of the consortium, by engaging stakeholders, such as companies, foundation, local authorities and European Partners, as well as empowering 5 local NGOs to join the network and open a coding school for migrants.