Migracode Spain

Through this project, a wide variety of organisations have come together to accelerate labour market integration of youth refugees, migrants and asylum seekers through the acquisition of digital competencies (specifically programming/coding). The base of the project lies in the fact that, there is a large need for skilled people in the tech sector, while on the other hand there are many youth refugees, migrants and asylum seekers that are eager to work but lack the (free) education to upskill themselves to find new job opportunities that can help them stabilize their lives.

The approach followed to accelerate labour market integration of the target group have focussed on three topics:

  • Innovative teaching of digital competencies to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employability programmes;
  • Employability Skills and Coaching.

Project Summary


Migracode: Acceleration of labour market integration of third country nationals through digital competencies


01/04/2019 – 31/05/2021
(26 months – COVID19 extension)





During the project period, the following general objectives were achieved:

  • The implementation of a fully running coding course for refugees and migrants in Barcelona by OCC ES (which has been further developed in a fully-running tech academy for refugees and migrants);

  • A complete strategy plan to further scale-up the concept of code schools for refugees and migrants was created and implemented (by for instance involving new partners from other EU countries that are now planning to run similar pilot programs);

  • A complete strategy plan on how to start, implement and sustain Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships with partners from the technology sector (with many hired students from the pilot program as a result);

  • A manuel/starters plan on how to built a code school for refugees and migrants as done in Barcelona (which will be used in the hopefully soon-to-be-accepted new Erasmus+ KA2 with Madrid 4 Refugees);

  • A fully developed and continuously improved coding curriculum with a focus on education to refugees and migrants / other communities with fewer opportunities;

  • A fully developed training course for volunteers/teachers/educators/youth workers that prepares them for working with the needs of our target groups (including a 100% developed volunteer guide).