Migracode Croatia

The general objective of the project is, on the one hand, to empower youth workers who work with refugees and migrants in non-formal digital education and, on the other hand, to strengthen the chance of asylum seekers and refugees on the labor market by empowering them to pursue their education in the digital field by providing the best possible conditions for that and preventing drop out through quality youth work with them. This will be done through:

  1. Focus group which will be conducted by 3 participating organizations among their previous beneficiaries in order to understand specific needs and challenges refugee youth are facing when it comes to their education in digital schools and to get useful insight for the other activities.
  2. Three training sessions:
  • Teaching digital skills to refugee youth and young asylum seekers
  • Motivational and environmental factors related to the successful non-formal education in refugee youth
  • Validation of non-formal digital education and working in demanding environments
  1. Pilot courses in digital schools of each participating organization based on outcomes from previous activities

The participants are youth workers working specifically in projects involving digital education of young refugees and asylum seekers. Each organization will select its participants according to their experience, past involvement in similar programs and projects and expertise.

    Project Summary


    Migracode 2 – Empowering youth workers in digital schools for refugees, asylum seeking and migrant youth and preventing drop out


    01-02-2020 – 31-07-2022
    (1 year extension because of COVID19)






    The purpose of this project is to enable the exchange of good-case practices between the partner NGO’s. In addition, it aims at improve and promote the labor insertion and social integration of refugees.

    Specific objectives:

    • To enhance the employability of the students
    • To implement non-formal educational practices when teaching hard and soft skills
    • To promote and boost gender equality in the IT sector and enable labor insertion for migrant women in the tech industry.
    • To strengthen the Migracode consortium by engaging stakeholders (companies, foundations, local authorities, and European partners)
    • To improve the social inclusion by opening new opportunities for unaccompanied minors/refugees/asylum seekers/Women/Neet to develop their skills and design their career paths
    • To support and promote the development of youth workers on acquiring skills, knowledge and experience assisting vulnerable groups.
    • To better understand the needs of refugees and align IT innovative educational programs upon them.