Hack4theFuture of Europe

This project is about to realize a European Hackathon, followed by a project implementation phase (incubator program). The participants are students of three adult education institutes for digital skills (coding, UX/UI, marketing etc.) from different European countries. During the Hackathon and the project phase the participants can apply their digital skills and will be trained in entrepreneurial skills (design thinking, prototyping, marketing, business plan, …).

    Project Summary


    Hack4theFuture of Europe


    The institutes will prepare a 3 days online Hackathon, where the students work in international teams on real challenges. During the Hackathon there will be Pitch-Training, Prototyping und Design Thinking workshops. The three best projects will be elected by a jury and accompanied by trainers of the institute to develop their ideas. 

    Incubator phase

    For three months, three project teams will be accompanied by trainers from the institutes (approx. every week one hour) and will get training in entrepreneurial skills in workshop formats. 

    During a big final online-event  the teams will pitch their outcomes.