The project seeks to assess the impact and influence of EU youth in the community building process, the attainment of SDGs and overall the creation of sustainable communities through youth participation and entrepreneurship.

    Project Summary




    01/02/2021 to 31/07/2022



    Outputs of the Project

    • Inform European youth on the impact of their activities over the community. This will be done through the production of an impact report (IO1) on the various forms of youth-led entrepreneurship, projects and their contribution to the attainment of SDGs, community building as well as youth participation.
    • Promote the exchange of good practices within European youth as related to SDGs, environmental protection and community development and trigger a youth-led campaign, using a bottom-up approach where young people & youth workers will be pioneers of change that will design and implement projects & entrepreneurial initiatives that will have a positive impact on their immediate environment & communities. This will be done through the creation of a digital guide (IO2) on sustainable project management in youth work & SDGs’ reinforcement at European local levels.
    • Capacitate at least 100 EU youth workers to embed sustainability & environmental protection education into their youth work. Following the ETS competence model, this would train them on how to sensitize their young people on the impact of their activities, projects and enterprises. Also, this will help the youth workers educate the youth on community development as well as SDGs in order for those concepts to be considered by local youth in their various endeavours.
    • Promote a common understanding of the concept of environmental impact as related to youth work & youth-led projects (community projects, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.) As mentioned, the project will produce 2 intellectual outputs the objective that will contribute to the attainment of our objective.