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Coding for Social Promotion

The Code4SP project seeks to educate socially excluded groups and transform them into competent labor market players by transferring them computer programming skills via non-formal education.

The main goals of the Code4SP project:

Code4SP’s main objectives and priorities are in full interweaving with the European Commission’s goals, contributing towards providing tailored education and training to digitally excluded groups, including migrants and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, while in parallel, taking into consideration the labor market needs.

The target will be reached through the upscaling of an already existing good practice at a local level in Germany, which had as a result, top paid programming jobs for asylum seekers.

Address traditional education institutions’ incapacity, which primarily acts as policy implementers to respond to the demand for coding training provision.

Enhance employers’ motivation and predisposition for potential employment of individuals that belong to disadvantaged populations, thus breaking any negative stereotypes on this issue.


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