A guaranteed job sounds great!
But how does it work?

We have a 90% placement rate–hundreds of our graduates have already gotten jobs thanks to our holistic approach.

We’re so confident in our courses, processes, and comprehensive support that we now guarantee that all of our graduates will find jobs.

Up-to-date Curriculum

Our technical curriculum is updated regularly to match the market needs, so you graduate with all the necessary technical skills to fulfill the needs of your next employer.

Employability Track

We have created a hands-on soft skills course with all the necessary non-technical skills that you will need to get hired and thrive in your first job.

Personalized Support

After your graduation, we will be by your side every step of the way, filling in all the gaps together and guiding you until you get the job!

Best Practices You Will Need

Time Management

Pair Programming

Effective Communication

Industry Mindset

Create the best CV

Create a great LinkedIn profile

Mastering GitHub

Everyone learns differently!

We use a variety of best practice learning strategies to learn these tech skills to ensure that you personally learn everything you’ll need to thrive in the tech industry

Check how they will improve your learning experience: 

Collaborative learning

Collaborative learning

You’ll be paired with another student to practice pair-based programming, a common practice in software companies. In addition, you’ll be part of a collaborative community where you can ask and answer questions as they come up.

Fail-based learning

Fail-based learning

Quizzes, assignments, code challenges and toy-problems will enhance your learning experience by giving you space to express your problem-solving skills. In addition, it allows us to follow and evaluate your progress so that you can understand the best ways to solve similar tech problems in the future.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning

Project-based learning will help you to put what you’ve learned into practice. You’ll have the opportunity to work in groups, pairs, or alone to create several projects throughout the program: three large projects and various small ones to solidify your learning.

Performance and Evidence based learning

Performance and Evidence based learning

We’ve implemented many educational practices and techniques proven by scientific evidence in our program to keep our students aligned with their technical and non-technical levels.

We’re by your side during your job search

We offer support channels to cover all your needs towards the same goal: Placing you in your first job!

Behavourial Interview

Throughout our program, we focus on preparing our students for technical and non-technical interviews. In addition, we will work through all the interview scenarios.

Mock Interviews

You will practice interviewing through multiple rounds of software engineer mock interviews, with types of technical questions that you might encounter in technical interviews and tips and thoughts from our previous graduates.

Career Advisor

You will have access to a career advisor specialized in technical careers and will be given feedback and advice to improve your technical and non-technical interview skills. We will guide you through every step of the hiring process!

What are the requirements you should follow to qualify?

You are eligible for the Job Guarantee offer when you fulfill the steps below:

Before Graduation

  • Be always present in our technical and non-technical sessions
  • Use Discord actively;
  • Be respectful to all SHA community members;
  • Submit all homework and assignments on time;
  • Show a high level of commitment to the course;
  • Have the necessary technical equipment to follow the course;
  • Submit and present the final project 

After Graduation

  • Start actively searching for jobs while dedicating 3h daily, 5 days per week, to this process;
  • Follow the Employability Manager’s guidelines and report weekly on your progress;
  • Take part in job interviews;
  • Accept and follow the coaching and skill-building recommendations from the Employability Team;
  • Join SHA’s Hiring platform.

Important notes:

  • The after-graduation support continues until the graduate finds a job or decides that they don’t need the Employability Team support anymore. In both cases, the graduate should express this need in writing.
  • The Employability team can terminate the after-graduation support if the graduate doesn’t follow the requirements above.

Are you ready to get your first job in tech with the support of SHA?

What our graduates think about us:

I will always be grateful to SHA.
I believe I wouldn’t be the person I am without the help of social hackers academy’s mentors. Everyone here kept putting great efforts into us students to be capable of becoming web developers.
Stefanos Leventis

Class 10 Graduate

SHA has changed my life. I’ve gained access to this untapped version of me that was always there. I never knew that I could code for 14 hours straight, I never saw myself doing something like that…
Sohail Haqyar

Class 8 Graduate

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