The main curriculum we offer is a 7-month program through which our students learn how to build websites and applications for the Internet from scratch. By graduating from the program, they can work as programmers. In order to gain more experience and better preparation for the job market, they undertake a Web Project for about a month. In particular, our students with the supervision of our Head of Education & Teachers.

What our students can do?

  • Help an NGO/company solve a problem they may be facing in their day-to-day processes and / or providing programs and / or services by creating a new web application with the tools & technologies our students are teaching (more on the Curriculum here). The construction of the application will take 1-1.5 months. After its creation, SHA trains the NGO partner on how to use the application and provides support for approximately another month.

  • Help an NGO create a new Website or even an e-shop site.


What our students cannot do?

  • Maintain an existing  website

  • Update an existing website’s content


The project will be carried out by a group of students (~ 6 people) coordinated by the Education Officer, a programmer, and a contact person from the NGO partner to provide feedback and feedback on the project produced!


Our  students are getting a benefit, as they gain work experience and can use the web project they created as a sample of their experience (with the agreement of the NGO partner)

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