Lead Technical Instructor

Social Hackers Academy is looking for someone to lead the front-end education program in Athens, Greece. This is our first hire and is a paid position. You would have ownership over the curriculum, recruiting process, and volunteer developer community. Our hope is that this hire can help us scale the school across Greece

– Co-coordinating teachers for our lessons once per week, per class
– Running study groups so that our students can work together
– Iterating on our current curriculum based on feedback from the job market
– Innovating on a model that can extend our code school to other places in Greece
– Recruiting developers to help students with homework assignments and offer mentorship
– Build relationships at local companies to place students

– Strong English skills
– Front-end development experience

– Education background (bonus points for code school experience)
– Volunteer coordination experience

Right now we are entirely volunteer run and funded by the founding team and our corporate sponsors. We have a budget to provide you with a salary based on your experience level. We aim to pay enough to covered your living costs and aim for a market rate wage after we have left discovery mode and have found large scale funding

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For more information on the curriculum here is a Github repository:


How To Apply

To apply for this postion please email 


with your CV and cover letter.