Online interviews are now part of our lives. They are cost-effective and COVID free, so make sure you have the right tools and skills to get your next job.

In 2020, the world increased the use of technology due to COVID-19. Of course, this was also reflected in the recruiting process. At Social Hackers Academy, we wanted to close the year with some tips to face your coming online interviews and nail them!

man getting ready for online interview

Tips for the Online Interview

  1.  Test your tech and make sure everything works before starting the interview. Make sure that your internet connection is working correctly as well as your microphone and camera.
  1. Set yourself in a tidy place without distractions. Be aware of what is gonna be shown on the screen and place yourself in a tidy place with good lighting and without distractions for the recruiter. The attention will be set on you and you will have more chances to shine.
  1. Prepare your interview. Make a research about company and the position and be clear on what you are offering for the company. Prepare your speech and some questions, practice and make sure you are ready for it.
  1.  Interact with the recruiter. You might be seem different through camera so make sure to put your natural look and your smile.
  1. Dress properly for the interview. Even when you are at home,  dress like you would for a standard interview and keep it professional. Also, have you heard about enclothed cognition? This means that the type of your clothes will eventually tell something about you to the other people.
  1.   Relax and slay your interview!

As you can see, the steps are easy so…don’t stress too much! 

Even during COVID-19, companies prefer online conferences in the first round of interviews because they save the time and money. The good news is that there is (more than likely) going to be an in-person interview in the next round, giving you the chance to meet your prospective employer in person or even if not you already participated.

And the best part of an online interview? You don’t need to worry about a firm handshake! 

What’s your tip for an online interview?  🙂