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Are you unemployed or looking for a career change? We’ve all been there!  Social Hackers Academy offers a clear answer and sets a career track that leads to employment and a future-proof career in tech.

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At Social Hackers Academy, we’ve created a holistic experience that enables you to acquire soft and hard skills for your career in tech.
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This pre-course is mandatory to start the coming courses. It is an important guide to train you on what you will get and start developing some skills!

Soft Skills

Did you know what HR managers value more soft skills during an interview?
In this course, you’ll work on the essential soft skills that all recruiters are seeking.

In this course you’ll work on the essentials soft skills that all recruiters are seeking.

Front End Web Development

Become a master in HTML/CSS, Javascript, React & React Native, Serverless applications

How to get a DEV job

This 2-month course will guide you through the turmoil of securing a job.

Why joining Social Hackers Academy?

There are plenty of code schools out there who only care about making an extra buck.

For us, this is totally different.

Social Hackers Academy is a non profit company and our mission is to support people in vulnerable groups to achieve their tech dreams.

We have created an award winning educational model that helps you acquire the skills needed for the tech industry. Our main course follows a peer to peer methodology and offers a broad support network to guide you during your studies.

You will have a mentor, who will help you across the whole journey. Starting from week one you start collaborating and learning together. You embark on an educational journey that we’ve created based on feedback from over 1000s of students and you will build the required skills to start your career in tech.

Once you graduate, you can access our Hiring Partner Platform, where recruiters are waiting to review your profile and invite you for an interview.


Have more questions about how to land a job in the tech industry? Please click the link below to access our knowledge base.

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I was a university student before I came to Athens. However,  I couldn’t finish my education due to the situation in Syria. Now, I have been living in Athens for over a year and a half.
When I join this course, I didn’t have any background in software engineering but thanks to our mentors, we were  learning step by step. This helped us realise that it was possible to become a developer. This has been very important to me.

Mohamed Albdali, Front End Engineer @ Artlimes

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