Social Hackers Academy
Income Share Agreement

In SHA, we take big pride in making education accessible to all. That’s why we started offering deferred payment methods like the Income Share Agreement.

What is the advantage of signing an ISA agreement?

Signing an ISA agreement with us means that you can participate in our classes now and pay when you start getting paid through your job.

This keeps both parties accountable as we share the same goal…you launching your future-proof career in tech.

 Here’s how the SHA’s Income Share Agreement works:

You successfully graduate from one of our career training programs

Once you make 30% over the minimum salary wherever you live, then the ISA is enabled

You pay 3% – 5% of your monthly salary until you pay us back the total amount. Once you pay the full amount, then you have honored your commitment to us

The contract period starts after 3 months of graduation and lasts for 24 months

You can “pause” payments if:

a. You become unemployed for a short period of time

b. You face personal / family challenges that don’t allow you to pay your monthly instalment.


finishes if:

The entire amount
is paid back.

24 months have passed, and haven’t been able to pay us back 

Calculate your payment schedule!

Your ISA payment schedule will be calculated accordingly

    Check here our case studies:

    Kayla is interested in tech but was unmet of financial need. She applied for the ISA program to pay back her school monthly payments after graduation.

    Susie was not eligible for the scholarship we offer, so she signed an ISA agreement. After her graduation, she landed a job with a salary of 1000€. Then she started to pay 50€ per month to finish her contract in less than a year.

    Juan quit the job he landed after graduation, so he paused his payment till he got a job again. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have a job for 24 months, so the contract finished. After a while, he had a job and decided to donate the rest of the payment to us.