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Imagine a world where people have equal access to education, the labor market and a future-proof Career.
Welcome to Social Hackers Academy

What do we do?

At Social Hackers Academy we offer a holistic approach on you getting access to the tech industry.

We’ve created courses that cover all ends on you getting the required technical and personal skills to land a future proof career.

Career Tracks

Are you looking to start your career in the tech industry?

Social Hackers Academy has created a holistic approach towards getting employed.

Short Courses

SHA is offering short courses which goal is to upskill the participants in order to advance their careers!


What do they say about us?


I was a university student before I came to Athens. But I couldn’t finish my education due to the conditions in Syria. I have been living in Athens for almost one and a half year. When I enrolled in this course, I didn’t have any background in software engineering but thanks to our mentors we learning step by step and it starts to seem possible to become a developer. Therefore, it is very important to me.

Mohammad Alasli
Student, Syria, 28


I am currently working as a Front-End Web Developer at Spotawheel.gr. Social Hackers Academy prepared me well for this challenge through the Seven-Month Full Stack Development course and helped me gain hands-on- experience by setting up a freelance internship on Homitor Real Estate Group, a Greek Startup Company for me.

Yiannis Alexiou
Front-End Web Developer

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