Τhis is what a student stated, when he expressed his interest in joining our coding school. He doesn’t have much knowledge but he is really passionate about learning from new ventures.

“I am W. I was born in the southwest of Iran where the Iran — Iraq war happened. I was born in the middle of the war in 1985. ‏My family moved to another city but after a ceasefire, we returned to where we came from. I passed primary and high school at one of the most prestigious schools which are called “SAMPAD” (National Organization of brilliant talents). ‏I have studied Electronics engineering at Azad University. I graduated in 2011. ‏Afterward, I was sent to serve in the army. The service took two years. A year after the end of military service according to difficulties and suffers which weren’t tolerable I decided to emigrate. ‏

In Social Hackers Academy we don’t solely teach software engineering but we teach them how to think and structure code with methodology…

Now it’s more than one year that I am in Greece and I was granted the asylum. ‏After six months of staying in Athens, I found a job at CRS (Catholic Relief Services) as an interpreter and culture mediator. It totally changed my life in a good way and made me happy. ‏I found the opportunity to study in Social Hackers Academy as a nice chance to have a better future. I really missed being in an educational center and continue to study. ‏As I mentioned, I am working as an interpreter. But in fact, interpreting is not my profession. ‏In today’s world, science and technology are rapidly in progress and one after the other, human occupations are replaced by machines and robots.

‏”Today’s mankind is totally dependent on computers and digital systems”

All these systems work by software. It’s very interesting for me to design a software. That is convenient to find a better job and even to design a software which makes my dream to help people comes true.

I was so glad when I saw the social hackers announcement on Facebook so I decided to apply for this course. ‏As I know myself I’m hard worker and responsible. In all the courses I have passed I was in the top level.‏I have a creative personality that makes me want to create or repair things.
This passion guides me to learn how to create or invent something, particularly when I do think about developing.

It’s a big world and there is no boundary that stops you and hold you in a static level. I already have the knowledge of HTML and CSS language and I am thirsty for more. I want to learn more programming languages.

I think I am the one who you’re looking for.

‏Sorry it’s hard for me to define and ‏describe myself and I know you wanted this text in 500 words, I really didn’t count the words but I think I said enough about myself.

‏I’m eager to participate in your classes in order to learn coding and programming to be a developer.

Thanks for your concerns in advance. Kindly requested to accept me and give me this opportunity.

‏Best regards.

Originally published at steemit.com on May 6, 2018.