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 At Social Hackers Academy we offer a holistic approach on you getting access to the tech industry.

We’ve created 4 courses that cover all ends on you getting the required technical and personal skills to land a future proof career.

Best thing about our coding bootcamp is that’s 100% free. We are a Nonprofit organization that offers our classes for free as long as you are an EU citizen who is unemployed, migrant or refugee.


The first but important step. In order for you to get access to our main course you have to finish this pre-course.

Full Stack Web Development Course

Our main course where you’re going to learn all the technical skills to land a job.

Soft Skills for Web Developers

 93% of Technical recruiters agree that Soft Skills (Personal) are more importang than technical ones.

How to get a dev job

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What out graduates say?

I was a university student before I came to Athens. But I couldn’t finish my education due to the conditions in Syria. I have been living in Athens for almost one and a half year.

When I enrolled in this course, I didn’t have any background in software engineering but thanks to our mentors we learning step by step and it starts to seem possible to become a developer. Therefore, it is very important to me.

Mohammad Alasli

Full-Stack Web Developer, Artlimes

Social Hackers Academy prepared me for well for the challenge of getting a job though the 7 month Full Stack Web Development Course and helped me gain hands-on experience.

The whole process of seeking a job lasted about 2 months, which was stressful and the rejections were hard. At the end of the day I’m thankful for getting the skills both hard and soft to become a junior web developer.

Yiannis Alexiou

Front-End Web Developer , Spotawheel

I entered Social Hackers Academy when I was 18 and although I had some programming experience, I was far from being a developer.

SHA gave me the road map and trained me in becoming a software engineer. Since I left SHA I worked as a junior Front-End engineer and I recently launched my own entrepreneurial venture.

Zohir Rayhan

Front-End Web Developer , Club App

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