Info session for our US cohort

Web developer … Have you ever thought about starting a career as a web developer ? In our next info-session, you will learn how you can get a fully-funded scholarship and land a job in tech.

When?  28 September at 20:00 Athens Time, 12:00 CST with our team

What we will provide at this info session to help you be a web developer?

  • Information about our career track.
  •  What you will learn.
  •  Explain the process to apply for the course.
  •  How you can find a job afterwards.
  •  The commitment that is expected.

Do you dream of a future proof career, and think of achieving something to be proud of? We’re here to help make it happen! Join us in the next info session to grasp what’s important and necessary for you to know about our soonest “Web development” Career Track!

And all the questions you might have! At SHA we are devoted to providing tech education to refugees and members of other disadvantaged communities.

Hit the link on time!

Webinar ID
891 0754 6305

What makes you apply with us?

Have your eyes at our 100% online Web Development Career Track ? Learn Web Development, wherever you are, with Flexible payment plans and scholarships!

  •  Meet other tech enthusiasts through Weekly live classes & Mentorship sessions!
  •  Learn how to ACE any job interview with excellent training from dedicated instructors.
  •  Kick-Start your career as a Front-End Web Developer with our career service.

Want to learn more?

Book a call with our team now! https://usa.socialhackersacademy.org/become-a-web-developer/