The Future of remote work and Digital Nomads for IT and Tech experts

What do you think about the future of remote work?

Remote work., as modern working continues to shift, and 70% of businesses are expected to adopt remote working by the end of this year, the rise of Digital Nomads across the world is continuing exponentially and having the freedom to travel wherever and whenever is one of the critical aspects of remote working.

Do you work remotely?

Aside from the most in-demand jobs, several industries are steadily adapting to suit the needs of remote workers (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic).  It is predicted that the number of digital nomads will reach 1 billion by the year 2035.  However, it’s not all just about living a jet-set lifestyle as digital nomads typically work harder than their office-based counterparts.

Are you excited? This and much more will take about it in our event with our guest, who is Imed Radhouani, Project Manager | IT Engineer | Digital Marketing & SEO Expert.

Lets get to know our guest, Imed Radhouani.

A Computer Science Engineer and Data analyst, Expat and resident in Rome, Italy, an expert on different IT products. He worked for several multinational Big Tech enterprises such as Norton by Symantec, Hewlett-Packard,

With this professional path, built expertise in DNS servers configuration, hosting services, programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript, AngularJs, Bootstrap and jquery, object-oriented programmings such as Python and SQL  databases.

He has been initiated to the Tech Management and leading. Which helped Imed to develop his team-leading capabilities and autonomy.

Do you have questions ? prepare them and get ready to meet Imed and SHA team!

When? 29 September 2021, Time  19:00 Athens time zone Interested? join us now!