SHA talks: the 21st century, an entrepreneur battlefield

Tech for refugees! What do you think about the future of technology? How important is it?

So, are you working in the tech career? We will talk about inspiring stories with refugees and how vital technology is in our life! also, we will go through some soft skills you should have after graduation.

If you are interested in learning to code? and want to know more about the future of it and hear some motivating stories, then don’t miss our event!

So, what do you think about the tech career with 10 years? Let’s discuss it with our Speaker, who is NGO founder Sofiane Ammar.

Tech! Are you excited to know more about our speaker?

Lets get to know about our speaker, Thought innovation and creativity he is focusing on strategy and product development of new business streams in Enterprises. And with proven track record in IT and Telecom sector, he managed several organizations and related business transformation with incremental revenue through innovation services.

With an experience of 28 years in product development, strategy, Go to market and overall business implementation, his combination of technology and business objectives in IT, Telecom, Digital and Data, provide a large spirit of business delivery through passion.

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