SHA talks: Lessons learned starting and growing a Startup!

Do you want to hear about the inspired history of startup Fyusion?


Our speaker Pantelis Kalogiros, VP Web/cofounder at Fyusion Inc, will talk about open source and startups. And thinking of the experience he gained through starting his company Fyusion, emigrating to California and eventually going through an acquisition in his unique story!


Do you want to know more?

Pantelis is co founder and vice president at Fyusion, a computer vision & machine learning startup based in San Francisco. Started out in Greece but eventually moved to California. Pantelis helped grow Fyusion from just an idea shared between 4 people to a 60+ person innovation company. Fyusion has showcased its work at conferences such as Siggraph and CVPR, raised more than $50m in VC funding! Also got acquired by Cox Automotive in December 2020. Pantelis has participated in fund-raising, hiring decisions, due-diligence proceedings and all aspects of a startup’s lifecycle and is here to share insights and lessons throughout the journey!


So,if you want to start your business or plan for your startup, don’t miss our talk!
Building startups are effortless but keep successful and effective work need some push to reach the best result for your business.

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