SHA talks: Intro to Serverless Functions using Netlify

Did you ever use Netlify?


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Serverless functions are a key skill to know when moving to Jamstack applications or serverless architecture. So,Going serverless means having no server to manage while also having the ability to scale infinitely.

With our speaker, Sia karamalegos, is Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies

Sia Karamalegos is a developer, international conference speaker, and writer.  A Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, and a Women Techmakers ambassador. She co-organizes GDG New Orleans and its marquee event, DevFest New Orleans. And also she is the founder and lead developer for Clio + Calliope Web Development and was recognized in the Silicon Bayou 100, the 100 most influential and active people in tech and entrepreneurship in Louisiana.

She graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in chemical engineering and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. When she’s not coding, speaking, or consulting, Sia likes to write short stories and dabble in charcoal figure drawing. She’s also an avid endurance athlete.

In this talk, we’ll start with an essential, static Eleventy website then build in dynamic features like form handling and secure API access using serverless functions. We’ll use the Netlify CLI to set up our dev environment and deploy it to production on Netlify.

When? 30 June 2021, 19:00 Athens Time.

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