SHA talks: End-to-end testing with Cypress

Are you a web developer? You are invited to SHA talks 😉

SHA talks: End-to-end testing with Cypress. If you need more technical information that will help you in your career, here is our session with our guest Bence A. Tóth!

Bence is an Senior software engineer at Zendesk. Also he is Front-end developer, software architect, tech lead, mentor, teacher, tutor, open-source advocate, functional programming enthusiast, CSS ninja, Linux fanboy. Building software and relationships.



When?  May 26, 2021, 19:00 Athens Time.

so, what you are expecting to have within our event?



In this session, We will talk about “End-to-end testing with Cypress”, we are going to have:
  • An overview of automated testing strategies for web applications
  • An intro to the Cypress testing framework
  • Live coding: our first end-to-end tests failing, passing, and then failing again
  • Q&A

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