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SHA Talks: Ask a Deloitte HR Recruiter

Would you like to learn how to create an impressive CV? Would you like to know how to succeed in a tech interview?

Three of Deloitte’s HR team will share some secrets to be stunning in your next tech interview.

Demand in the IT field is increasing quicker than the number of qualified developers, but The best developers continue to be hard to find and slippery to catch” what do you think about it?  Much more will be discussed and answered in our event on 24th November at 19:00 Athens time.

lets get to know our speakers!

Firstly, Aliki Tsakmaka, HR assistant Manager , Aliki’s job is to make an impact that matters in people’s professional lives, and she loves it. Currently working within the Talent Team at Deloitte Thessaloniki. Additionally, she always strives with the rest of the team to provide exceptional daily support to her colleagues to have the best employee experience.

Then, Evdoxia Keramarou, Junior HR Consultant, HR professional, focusing on recruitment on a variety of areas, varying from Technology to Finance. Passionate about bringing universities to close proximity with the job market.

Finally, Argyro Kokkinou, Junior HR Consultant, Energetic with great interest in HR. Enthusiastic in coordinating and participating in multinational teams, flexible in managing complex responsibilities with a focus on problem solving and the formulation of alternative proposals for their solutions.

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