Remote work in tech industry

Remote Working in Tech Industry

Remote work goes viral!

The world of work is developing, even in hard times. Connections become infinite, working from an island becomes a reality, and new opportunities appear daily. What does it mean to be a Remote Worker, or even what does it mean to be part of a Remote Work society? Join our webinar to find your way to remote working as a web developer.

Who is Mine, Dedekoca?

Being a Workplace Culture Curator, Mine was the first Future of Work expert in Turkey to bring together people and communities by organizing events to create awareness about the future of work. Her Happy Work Studio brand guides organizations to create a “Happy Workplace” with happy, fulfilled, and self-aware employees by blending her remote working experience with global practices. Being a certified Happiness Coach, she has been leveraging her knowledge and expertise about “The Future of Work”, “Agile Workforce”, and “Workplace Culture Transformation” to provide consultancy to more than 100 people and organizations, including Diageo, Danone, Nutricia to foster a flexible and happy work life.