SHA Event Python Basics with Harout Mardirossian

Python Basics for Programming

Python Basics for Programming

Do you know Python? Did you ever work with this programming language?

Python is trending now. This programming language is often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. So, our speaker will explain the basics and show you the importance of learning it.

Also, complementing Social Hackers Academy’s mission, our speaker will explain the importance of technology as a tool for refugees to rebuild their lives and discover new opportunities.

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Let’s get to know our Speaker, Harout Mardirossian:

Harout Mardirossian is a Python developer and data specialist with experience in developing data stacks for nonprofits and social enterprises, active in tech for the good community, including public speaking and working on tech projects that support refugees, particularly in his role a chapter lead for Techfugees Lebanon.

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