Development in the cloud using serverless technology in AWS

Development in the cloud using serverless technology in AWS

Development in the cloud using serverless technology in AWS

Do you want to hear from experts on Cloud Computing?

In this session, our Speaker will introduce cloud computing and serverless concepts and services, then provide guidance around implementing a simple project that uses these services. The session would be directed to beginners with no to very little knowledge about development in the cloud. So if you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to participate and ask whatever you want. ūüėČ

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Let’s get to know our Speaker, Ali Haydar¬†

Ali Haydar is a software engineer and a lifelong learner who believes that good software is built through collaboration and communication. Hence, he is a big fan of the DevOps ways of working. Ali’s career path has allowed him to work across multiple roles in software, including development, testing, and product/project management.
In his spare time, Ali writes blog posts covering software development, ways of working, quality and leadership. In addition, he delivers workshops and mentorship sessions that could facilitate the path of individuals to get into software and cloud development. He is currently an AWS Community Builder, a great opportunity to continue learning about AWS and share the learnings.
Ali works at Multitudes, a company with a great mission to enable happy, high-performing teams, focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion. Multitudes (https://multitudes.co) is an app that provides insights and recommendations based on data from tools such as GitHub. The product’s core focus is on the people aspects of work, such as psychological safety, wellbeing, and collaboration.

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