Business Culture & development

Do you know about business Development?

Our event with our guest Juan Pablo Diaz who is CEO & Founder at Business Developer’s Bridge, will talk about ” Business Culture & development “

Whether you are starting a business, changing jobs, or changing culture or continent. Products, services and yourself have to be ready for big changes. Are you excited? lets get to know our guest more!

Our guest Juan Pablo Diaz, Studied International Relations / Diplomacy, then specialized in Managing Across Borders and International Commerce in Paris promo-2013.
Juan Pablo Diaz, Participated on the legal team of Fox Channel Mexico. Then,in 2014, he created BDB-Business Developer’s Bridge, an international agency created to help entrepreneurs consolidate their ideas and companies correct their path and expand with a fair business strategy and tropicalization.
Juan Pablo is an expert in negotiation, business strategy and business international expansion.

Now get ready to discuss with Professionals about Business Culture and development!

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