Build your personal brand and bulletproof your future career

Build your personal brand and bulletproof your future career!

Building a personal brand is more important than ever. In this interactive session, we’ll go through why investing in your personal brand today is the best investment you’ll make for your career tomorrow. We will walk through how to start creating original content on LinkedIn and how to decide on which topics to write about.

Who is Belen Wagaw? Let’s get to know her!

Belen is currently the Co-Founder of a personal branding agency. Prior to this, she was Chief Storyteller at Siteimprove, a 600+ employee, 100M ARR B2B SaaS company that focuses on making websites accessible. Before this role, Belen was the Chief of Staff at a tech giant, SAP.

A personal development fanatic, Belen spends her time reading books, listening to podcasts, and finding the next best café.

Born and raised in Ethiopia, she is now based in Berlin. She speaks English, French, German, and Amharic.


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