Breaking into Tech: Expert HR Tips for Interviews

What are the main challenges in the tech sector for fresh graduates?
What actions could be taken to join the industry, and how to be prepared for a successful technical interview?
Join our Webinar to learn more about all the challenges you will face entering the Tech industry.

Our guest speaker is Chrysavgi Nioma.

Chrysavgi has been working in HR for the last 3,6 years. Her studies are in Business and Management Administration, and she has experience in different HR sectors, including organizational design, compensation & benefits, and talent acquisition. Currently, she is an IT Recruitment Officer for Arhs Developments Hellas, an information technology company based in Greece. What she loves most about her job is the daily communication with different people and the opportunity to help individuals achieve their career aspirations. She likes to play tennis, paint, explore new places, and read books in her free time.