A super gentle introduction to Angular

Do you know what Angular is?

Get to know the framework. So that you can learn how to set up a simple app and connect it to a JSON API with Aristeidis Bampakos.


It is a JavaScript framework created by Google and it’s one of the most popular frontend frameworks used by thousands of companies worldwide. Some of the advantages of using Angular in production is the ability to create Single Page Applications, work in a Modular way, achieve performance and speed, reduce complexity through the use of Components and build applications for Mobile devices and the Desktop.

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Our Speaker is Aristeidis Bampakos. Who is a Frontend Web Developer with 15 years of experience in coding with different technology stacks. Also Currently, He focused on Frontend Web Development with Angular and TypeScript. Also, He is a Google Expert and the author of the book Learning Angular – Third Education.

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Aristeidis Bampakos, One of our Mentors, will be our guest of this webinar. And Additionally to the detailed info, He will open the discussion between the participants. So… Stay tuned!

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