Our involvement in European Union Programs

Social Hackers Academy (SHA) was created in order to make digital skills training & employment available for vulnerable groups accessible, starting from Athens, Greece. Acknowledging that there are multiple cities & countries that have been struggling with the refugee/migrant crisis and other social problems, that make the most disadvantaged groups unable to integrate into the society, we have decided to share our expertise, partnering with other organizations abroad

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Through Capacity Building Activities & Trainings, SHA transferred the knowledge & expertise that has been acquired, in order to train more beneficiaries, making the impact sustainable. In the meantime, we have gained experience, through KA1 / KA2 / KA3 / Horizon / AMIF / ESC Programs, that we have applied as leaders or partners of a consortium.

We can offer the following services

Designing & delivering IT Educational Curricula, with the skills taught to be needed from companies.

Establishing relationships with tech companies, to ease the networking between graduates & companies, through meetups & career days.

Refugees migrants’ education and integration of good-case practices.

A network of professionals and mentors that guide our students.

Doing career days for our graduates to increase their employment opportunities.

Enhancing students’ employability, through soft skills training and career counseling sessions.

Create applications, websites & platforms under a social context, as the developers behind them are our beneficiary students.

Doing capacity building activities to expand our educational model in other cities.

Connecting our students with role models from the tech industry.

Building Websites & Web Applications that will be delivered from our students.