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Welcome to our European Solidarity Corps program. In SHA we’re looking for talented people to join our team for 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

You can join our program if:

  1. You are 18 – 30 years old (no exceptions)
  2. You are an EU Citizen (Click here to see if your country is included)
How much money I receive?

Every month you will receive:

  1. 150 Euros for food
  2. 150 Euros to spend where you choose (pocket money)
  3. 35 Euros for a monthly travel card (covers all Athenian public transport)
  4. 200 Euros for housing (depending on the situation we will either offer you a room or we will give you the money to pay for your room
  5. In case you want to make a project, event or anything else you can ask our team for money to run this project

It’s essential to know that we need receipts for all the money we give you. If you don’t provide receipts then we can’t provide the money!

How many hours do I have to work?

According to the ESC guidelines you have to volunteer for 36 hours per week.

Our team though is totally flexible on this as we value your output and not the hours worked.

We can also provide flexible working hours.

What if I want to travel all the time?

In SHA we’re looking for dedicated volunteers who want to build their professional capacity. 

If you’re looking just to have fun and travel all the time then our organization is not a good fit for you!

Perks & Benefits

Work in a fast paced impact driven entrepreneurial environment!

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Remote Work (if you want)

We do have an office space, in Athens but if some day you don’t feel like joining our office, then you can work remotely.

Flexible Working Hours

Don’t feel like starting early on Monday? That’s cool. Have to pick up the kid because your spouse isn’t available…that’s cool as well.

Personal Growth

The day you join our team we create a Learning & Development plan specific to your goals and needs. We are here to support your personal and professional growth.

Diverse Team

We are proud about our inclusion and diversity of our team. Our team member come from over 8 countries.

Change the world

In SHA we are changing the world and making our impact dreams come true.

European Solidarity Corps Positions


Like Social Media and building online communities? Try to fall asleep and only thing about keywords?

Business Development

Support the growth of our Hiring Partners network which hires our students. Get ready for sales and marketing.

Web Developer

We’re looking for a passionate full-stack web developer, who wants to share their love for code by supporting our students. 

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