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Social Hackers Academy’s knowledge of the tech industry in uncanny. Participate in our courses and build skills and habits that will differentiate you from others!

Continous Skill Development

Social Hackers Academy provides you access to courses to develop your soft & hard skills for you to stay relevant to tech industry’s needs and continuous development.

UpSkilling – ReSkilling

You want to develop your career and you’re not sure what classes to take? 

SHA has feedback from 100s of HR managers on the skills required for the tech industry. Either you want to change the stack you work with or just learn for the sake of it, we offer the courses which are right for you.

Nanolearning paths

Divoting time for acquiring new skills and changing habits is tough. We’ve all been there.

We are offering you learning experiences where you only devote 1-5 minutes per day and at the end you’ve learned new skills or changed habits that didn’t serve your professional growth.

Get access to our talent pool

We’ve created a Hiring Platform where 100s of HR managers are waiting to recruit you

Getting a job or wanting to get a better salary or position? We have created a platform that will get you hired!

Continous learning is daunting but well worth it!

Social Hackers Academy prepared me well for getting back to the tech industry. After a 3 year break from engineering, reskilling was a tough job. Thanks to the courses of SHA I persevered and finally landed my dream job.

Giannis Alexiou, Junior Web Developer @ SpotAwheel