We believe that by building a strong network of partners and supporters, we can enlarge our impact and improve the lives of even more refugees, migrants and unemployed people, that reside in Greece.

Our organisation values extrovertion, therefore, we build effective long term partnerships with tech companies. One of the ways SHA works with coorporate partners is by co-organising public events that increase partners’ and our brand awareness. We aim to create an open dev community around the non-profit organisation, called Devs Alliance. There our students and other attendees learn about the most up to date topics and trends of different segments of the tech world, as well as network and get exposed to professionals in development industry. You can see what we have achieved so far on our Meetup group or SHA Facebook page.

Become a Hiring Partner of SHA

In order to ensure that our graduates will have opportunities to get hired as developers, upon their graduation, we establish connections with IT Companies that have the need of developers in their workforce. These companies get connected with our vision and they understand the importance of hiring a student and enabling him to become financially stable & integrate in Greece! Contact us at partnerships@socialhackersacademy.org

Our cooperations