Computer Literacy Course

We are passionate about enabling people to use technology no matter their background or previous experience. For this reason, we created an Open Source Computer Literacy Course, in order to eliminate Digital Illiteracy. We are running this class that provides a solid introduction to computers for people with little-to-no experience with computers

Day 1: Intro to Computers

Day 3: How to use Email

Day 5: How to plan an event

Day 7: Using Google Sheets

Day 9: World Wide Web

Day 2: The Internet

Day 4: Present yourself using slides

Day 6: How to plan using Calendar

Day 8: Build your CV online

Day 10: IP Protocol

Ahmed Fayyad

Head of Education 

Ahmed’s role in the school is over see the curriculum and to make sure that our students receive the best education they can.

Ahmed is proficient in IT and a Full Stack Web Developer. His passion though is teaching people new skills and has been doing teaching for the past 15 years!

Interested in running a CLC class in your organisation???

Awesome. Our Curriculum is Open Source and you can totally use it.