Talent is a scarce resource.
SHA helps you attract it and build it.

We care about your company’s growth. That’s why we have created a unique Learning & Development platform  and  we offer access to our talent pool.

Create a learning & Development culture

Keeping and attracting talent is the biggest hardle an HR manager has. By creating a L&D culture you can get ahead of the competition.

Soft Skills


NanoLearning paths

Access to our talent pool

92% of HR Managers agree that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

We have a series of soft skills trainings that vary from 2 month to 2 hour courses.

Devoting time to learning while working can be a challenge, so let’s make it simple.

Our nano courses are designed to acquire a new skill or change a habit following a 28-day track, where each course takes 1-5 minutes per day.

Over 100 SHA developers are waiting for the right opportunity.

We know how hard and complicated it is to recruit the right talent. We make it easy for you by training individuals and preparing them to become members of your team from day 1.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

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