Full Stack Web Development Course

155 classroom hours – 24/7 Online Support

Learn how to design and develop websites both Front and Back end. Not sure what that means? Apply to learn.

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Chapter 1 : HTML / CSS

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any website and in this module we teach you how to use them well. You will learn how to make responsive, modern websites as well as the soft skills you need to know to become a programmer. Three weeks.

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Chapter 2 : Javascript

Over nine weeks, we take you from writing your first javascript program all the way to the most modern tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to make website’s interactive and to write excellent, clean code. Nine weeks.

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Chapter 3 : Node.js

Node.js is a modern web development framework that makes writing code for servers a breeze. In this module we’ll cover how a server works, how to build an api and how to write code that scales. Three weeks.

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Chapter 4 :Databases

Databases are essention for any modern web application and in this module we teach you the theory and implementation of how to use a database securely and effiecently. Three weeks.

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Chapter 5 : React

React is a modern framework that makes creating complex website’s in a reusable way very easy. In this module we teach how React works and why it is a great way to make websites in 2018. Three Weeks.

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Chapter 6 : Real Life Project

In this module your work together in a team on a predefined project. The goal of this module is to combine all your acquired skills from the last modules into a project. In this course requirement analysis and project management are core themes while building a full-stack project.  Four Weeks.

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Zohir Rayhan Mollah

Head of Education 

Zohir’s role is to oversee the curriculum and manage the education cycle of the students. He makes sure the students complete their assignments/homework and he 24/7 available for questions.
Zohir is graduate of this and has worked as a Full Stack Web Developer. His passion though is teaching people new web technologies and assisting potential developers, to pursue a career in web development

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  • You need to study for 20-25 hours per week. If you do not have enough time, this is not the program for you.

  • Homework is required every week. If you do not complete the homework you cannot continue the class. Every class builds on the learning from the last.

  • You need to come to class for five hours, once a week. All classes are on a weekday evening.

  • This course lasts for 6.5 months (part-time).You need to be here for all of it. The course is either in Athens or Crete.

  • You must either be a registered refugee or asylum seeker OR an EU resident who has been unemployed for at least 12 months.

  • You must have an interest in IT or programming.



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