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Welcome to Social Hackers Academy, an impact driven Nonprofit that provides access to quality tech education for vulnerable groups.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to support vulnerable groups, incl. refugees/migrants/unemployed, in getting access to quality tech education that leads to employment and a future-proof career.

Our Vision

We want to help create a world where solidarity prevails and everyone enjoys equal opportunities, by having access to quality education and the labour market.

Company Culture

We are bold and dream big. We believe in working together in building a better world. The world we dream to live in. 

Paid Positions 

Want to join SHA?

We currently don’t have any paid position openings but we’re always on the lookout for talented people who want to join our team and support us in achieving our mission. If you are passionate about tech, employment and/or vulnerable groups issues then we want to hear from you.

European Solidarity Corps Positions

Web Developer

We’re looking for a passionate full-stack web developer, who wants to share their love for code by supporting our students. 

Volunteer – Senior Web Developer

Technical Mentor - Web Developer

There are plenty of ways to volunteer with us:
1) Become a mentor (You become the mentor of a pair of students and you meet with them for 1 hour per week and you do that for 4 months)

2) Online Technical Assistant (You join our slack channel and you reply to questions coming from students. We don’t have specific requirements in terms of your commitment in this)

3) Code reviews (Our students deliver a project every week. Although they do code reviews between them, it would be great to have a senior developer to give them an opinion)

4) Any other way you can think off. From creating a whole course to becoming our next speaker on our meetups

Volunteer – Intern Positions

Content Writer

We are looking for talented Blogger to generate engaging, original content for our website.

Online PR Superstar

SHA is looking for a person who loves communicating and interacting with journalists and media in general.

Graphic Designer

We’re looking for a passionate individual to contribute in enhancing our brand and prepare visual presentations by designing art & copy layouts. 

HR & Admin

We are looking for a person with high EQ and empathy. This role deals a lot with students and their success in getting a job.

Web Developer (Teacher Assistant) - Junior

We’re looking for a passionate full-stack web developer, who wants to share their love for code in our school by supporting our students.

Our Awesome Team

Perks & Benefits

Work in a fast paced impact driven entrepreneurial environment!

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Remote Work (if you want)

We do have an office space, in Athens, if you fancy otherwise we may support your coworking pass.

Flexible Working Hours

Don’t feel like starting early on Monday? That’s cool. Have to pick up the kid because your spouse isn’t available…that’s cool as well.

Personal Growth

The day you join our team we create a Learning & Development plan specific to your goals and needs. We are here to support your personal and professional growth.

Unlimited paid vacations

 Yeah that’s right. We are performance driven and as long you achieve your OKRs then spend us much time as you want on the beach. 

Diverse Team

We are proud about our inclusion and diversity of our team. Our team member come from over 8 countries.