Bridging the Gap in the Digital Industry

16 hours Workshop

Sometimes, we literally suck as coworkers.
The digital industry consists of cross­functional teams made up of developers, designers,
marketers, managers, testers and client expectations.

We teach code skills, UX and adwords, yet for all the practical gaps between knowledge and
communication, we don’t teach understanding. We focus on short­term solutions which create
long­term problems in efficiency and work fulfilment.

This workshop will take you through an interactive journey of misunderstandings and mistakes on a virtual web project, from kick­off and production, all the way to delivery.

Day 1 - "Understand"

● Keynote by George Kary
● Workshop Breakdown & Role Assignment
● Day 2 Brief / Questions

Day 2 -­ "Expect"

Disagreeing on project specifications and hating the client.
● Sit down with the client,
● Create project specs and assignments,
● Day 3 Brief / Questions

Day 3 - "Produce"

Disagreeing on how it works and hating how it looks.
● Research functions, features and design,
● Review and revise,
● Day 4 Brief / Questions

Day 4 - "Deliver"

Disagreeing on quality and hating each other.
● Sit down with the client,
● Review and revise,
● Deliver to client,
● Day 5 Brief / Questions

Day 5 - "Lead"

● Blame game,
● Present your mistakes and discuss,
● Examples of successful leadership/teams
● Conclusion by George Kary (10 ­ 15 min)
● Q&As

George Kary

Lead Teacher

The foundation of George’s experience is trial and error. Having spent the last six years on web
design, he has tackled a different array of projects, working with startups and companies from
all over the world. As a front­end developer, his primary focus has been usability and user
experience from the spectrum of both commercial application and team working.
His passion is bridging innovation and leadership in rapidly expanding teams, applying his
passion for operations to team working and collaboration.

More info

Participants will be assigned into cross­functional teams and positions, with specific
responsibilities, regardless of their professional experience or current work position. They will
represent a company that has agreed to create a web project for a client.
You will be required to research, present and make your case both within the boundaries of your
team and in a cross­functional manner, depending on your assigned position, utilising both EQ
and IQ skills as the workshop progresses.
No homework will be assigned and all interactions will occur during workshop hours, in front of
all participants, pertaining all subjects and issues.

You will encounter ­ and have to deal with ­ problems that appear in real­life work, in an
educational environment, arming you with preemptive experience and empathy.

None whatsoever. Better if you bring your laptop or mobile/tablet device with a working internet
access receiver (WiFi or otherwise).

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