The world we live in is increasingly submerged in the sea of technology. Taking advantage of this computing boom can prevent you from drowning, and if you do it from a boss position, much better. Therefore, being a Senior Web Developer can be your dream come true.

As Senior Web Developer, you will build web pages or mobile applications according to your client’s needs, for which you will count on a group of Junior Web Developers to help you. To perform these tasks, you need a lot of knowledge about programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C/C ++, or PHP.

But for now, let’s test our JavaScript ninja skills with the Beetlejuice challenge!

Are you thinking of hiring a Senior Web Developer? Do you want to hire someone who is highly skilled in JavaScript? 

Then, this is the perfect time to go back to your bag of JavaScript challenges and give them the Beetlejuice Challenge!

Before diving into the coding challenge, here’s some background on Beetlejuice himself 🙂  

⚠️ (Spoiler alert) 


Do you get the idea? Good. Now, it’s showtime!

Here’s the challenge: write some JavaScript code that will make an ‘It’s Showtime!’ message appear in an alert box when the “Beetlejuice” variable appears three times in your script in any way. 

// Your code goes here


// Nothing happens so far...

console.log( Beetlejuice );

// Still nothing. We need to call Beetlejuice one more time. :)


// The alert popup must automatically appear at this point,
// since we've called Beetlejuice three times!

So, Are you up for the challenge JavaScript master?

Here’s a codepen demo. Click on the Edit on Codepen button, uncomment the third Beetlejuice variable and see the message magically appear!

Image by Farrukh

See the Pen ZEpNzjb by Kostas X (@kostasx) on CodePen.

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