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Is it late to become a Web Developer in 2022?

Is it late to become a web developer in 2022? Come on; it’s not even late to ask the question. Let’s find out why?!


Think of that Saturday night; you were out with your friends dining and partying late. As the night wraps up, you reach for your cell phone in an attempt to book a cab home. The next morning, you wake up craving some homemade pancakes, so you log in to that recipe website looking for a mouthwatering recipe and head directly to prepare a classic Sunday breakfast.

Now, what is common in both incidents?

Yes! You guessed it right. It’s technology. Whenever you use a website or a mobile application, you technically push buttons and navigate through pages until you find what you are looking for. Not a surprise, but almost 60% of the world’s entire population has access to the internet. The internet acts as a medium for billions of people to communicate, connect and also it is a source for practically any kind of information that anyone could search for!

Front-End Web Development is in Demand!

Currently, there is an estimate of over ONE billion websites in the world as of January 2021, and it keeps changing every second with an increment of more than 500 thousand new websites daily! Every website has its function, hence a unique front-end that includes the interface that enables users to interact through design elements, buttons, search bars, drop-down menus, and many more other forms of interaction. 

Leaving us with a conclusion that for every couple or many of those websites, a front-end web developer was sitting at his desk by his room window writing codes behind a screen. Which could be you actually, one day.

A front end developer is in charge of developing the screens that a visitor sees when he or she accesses your website. What this means is that the front-end developer will be responsible for how your website looks and interacts on different devices from desktops to smartphones. Put simply, if you want your site to look good on a mobile device, you need a good front end developer.

Do you want to become a Front-End Web Developer?

First let’s dig a bit on what it takes to become a Front-End Web Developer?

There are some set of skills and qualifications required to become a front-end web developer. For sure, you will need to be proficient in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. In addition to those, you will also need to understand the basics of SEO and develop some other sort of skills to help you become a web developer such as your problem-solving skills as well as having good interpersonal skills to be able to deal with your future team colleagues, bosses, and even clients.Most people think that you have to obtain a university degree in order to become a web developer. However, many have managed to find alternatives and different learning sources to achieve their goal.

In this very article we are dropping down below some steps, that if anyone follows and commits to them can eventually end up becoming a front-end web developer and kick-start a future-proof career with few MONTHS:

  1. Sign-up for Social Hackers Academy Career Track.
  2. Check out what open job positions you would be interested in, and learn about their responsibilities and requirements by reading their descriptions and job posts on these websites.
  3. Create a new Github account.
  4. Follow Google’s JavaScript and CSS Front End Starter Kit.
  5. Set up a new Twitter account. Subscribe to major tech companies such as Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft for insight on what tools are trending and upcoming changes in the industry.
  6. Once digging deeper into the Career Track, start applying for various front-end developer positions (look at job descriptions with salaries that match your budget).
  7. Write a cover letter and resume that explains how you will contribute to the company’s assets and growth, while highlighting any relevant work experience or activities.
  8. Develop your portfolio using application’s like CodePen, JSFiddle, BootstrapBay, Github Repositories, and Tumblr and WordPress blogs.
  9. Rinse & repeat steps 5-9 until you land an interview with a company interested in your skills & experience.
  10. Practice a few role-play interview questions. Some good places to go for this are Glassdoor, Quora, and Google. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  11. If you are still in school, learn from experienced and well-known teachers by going to local Meetups such as HTML5 NYC or CSS-Tricks.

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